Car Damage

So your car was just involved in a car crash after someone hit your car.  Hopefully you were not injured in the crash, but your car was not so lucky and needs to be repaired. Insurance companies try to pay and settle your “property damage claims” quickly by repairing your car damage so you do not realize everything you may be entitled to recover. First insurance companies focus only on repairing your car damage. But they want to pay the least amount of money as possible.  So, they want you to go to their “preferred” auto repair body shops but assure you the decision is entirely yours; though they may pressure by discussing what work and where that work is performed that they will warranty. There have been allegations that insurance companies want you to use their “preferred” repair shops in order to reduce costs. Second, sometimes you have to fight with insurance carriers about what type of parts will be replaced into your car.  Finally, sometimes you have to fight to get a car totaled or keep a car from being totaled. But the other party is not just responsible for repairing your vehicle.  You may also be entitled to compensation for not being able to use your vehicle, to compensate you for the diminished value of your car after being in a crash, and rental car costs while you are not able to use your vehicle.

What Can you Recover?

In addition to the cost to repair the property damage to your vehicle, you may be entitled to recover the following:

  • the diminished value of your vehicle or the stigma associated with your care after being involved in crash;
  • loss of use of your vehicle; and
  • rental car expenses.
Motor Vehicle Damage


Insurance companies know and expect that you may not know all of the claims you can make for the damage to your vehicle; so they will try to settle your claim quickly. QUILLEN LAW, PS can help you evaluate the actual car damage you suffered and how you should proceed.