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What Do I Do at the Scene of a Crash?

Accidents are often very disorientating – after all, most people are not involved in an accident every day. While the discussion below is geared directly towards motor vehicle accidents, many of the points mentioned can be applicable to other injury-causing events...


Should I Speak to the Insurance Companies?

After an injury, is it a good idea to speak to the insurance companies and, if so, to what extent? As I briefly explained in my prior post, the answer to questions greatly depends upon the facts of the case.

When dealing with your insurance company...


Do I need an Attorney?

So you were just involved in an accident (motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, hurt by a product) and you have received necessary medical attention immediately after the accident. Now what? Do you need an attorney? The short answer: you should at least consult with an attorney, but you may not need one.

The first couple of days immediately after...


Do I Need a Doctor?

So, you were just in an accident, do you need to see a doctor? Some injuries will obviously require medical treatment (for example, deep cuts or broken bones). But sometimes the answer may be less clear. For example, you were able to drive away from the scene of the accident or you were able to drive away from a fall. So, you may think your injuries are minor and that you do not require any medical treatment. In fact, you may be tempted to take some generic pain medication and try to "tough it out." But trying to be tough is not necessarily a good idea...


How Can I Protect My Claim?

If you are hurt in an accident, you need to protect your rights (unless you have retained an attorney who will protect those rights for you). The most important thing is to know your rights...


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