Do I Need a Doctor?

So you were just in an accident, do you need to see a doctor? Some injuries are obvious and will require medical treatment (like a broken bone or deep cuts), but some injuries may be as noticeable immediately after an accident. In fact, you may even be able to leave the scene of an accident and think you are okay or you may just try to “tough it out” with over the counter pain medication. But trying to be tough is not necessarily a good idea for two primary reasons. First, some injuries are not immediately noticeable and can take days or even weeks before you begin to feel any of the symptoms. Medical providers have the experience and knowledge to diagnosis injuries or warn you about symptom that could arise later and what to do if those symptoms start occurring. It is also important to remember that some injuries are not physical at all, but rather mental or emotional. You may suffer from anxiety, feelings of not being in control, or depression. Trained medical professionals will know the signs of these injuries and will be able to give you medical advise. Failing to seek medical treatment for your injuries can recovery harder and longer. Second, insurance companies, with their highly trained professional claims adjusters and attorney, interpret no treatment immediately after an accident as a type of “admission” that you are not really hurt from the accident. They believe, and will try to convince a jury, that if you were really hurt during an accident, you would have gone to a doctor immediately and not waited 3 or 4 days or longer before seeing a medical provider. Similarly, if you do not follow the directions of your medical provider (like to see other providers or perform home exercises, or if you are missing appointments), then the insurance claims adjusters and attorneys will argue you were not seriously injured, once again, reasoning that if you were really hurt from the accident, you would follow all of those directions and not miss treatment. The human body’s ability to heal and become strong after an injury is amazing, but you can be proactive to help heal physically and mentally. In today’s busy world, it is easy to become distracted and forget to take care of yourself after an accident. Make sure you are going to all of your medical providers’ appointments, follow their instructions, take the correct amount of medication, do your home exercises (if you are given any), and follow their counsel and direction. Following directions from medical providers immediately after an accident will help you determine whether you need additional medical treatment and what kind of treatment.

DISCLAIMER – This article is only meant to provide general information and not legal advice. Since every case and facts are unique and different, readers should not act upon the information contained in this article without seeking advice from an attorney. This article does not create an attorney-client relationship.