Damage to Trees on Your Property

If someone cuts down trees or causes tree damage on your property either intentionally or unintentionally you can recover damages. With the trees gone, you may have lost more than the beauty of those trees. You may have also lost memories and beautiful views.  Alternatively, the missing tress may now expose ugly views or you have lost privacy. Replacing the tree damage or missing trees generally leaves you with two unpleasant options. First, you can purchase trees that were the same age, which is likely expensive. Alternatively, you can replace the damaged or missing trees with new, younger trees that could take years to return to their former condition (assuming they survive). Thankfully the law does allow you to seek financial remedies and recourse to recover for damaged trees or trees that were cut down.

What Can you Recover?

If someone cuts down your trees, regardless of whether they meant to or it was an accident, you may be able to recover the cost to replace the trees, the economic value of the trees if you had sold them, and, depending on whether the trees were in Oregon or Washington, you may be able to recover up to 3 times the amount of actual damages and attorney fees you paid in seeking to recover the value of the trees and the economic costs of the trees.

Damage to Trees


If your trees were cut down, it can be frustrating and confusing about how to proceed. QUILLEN LAW, PS can help you know your options and rights and how to proceed.